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Coco and Other Substrats

For your convenience, Urban Botaniks store offers substrates in small and large cuts, we will list the advantages of some of them for more information, please read the description of the product itself:

Coconut presses - low EC value <0.8 mS / cm, ideal pH value 5.8,stimulates root development, good and fast water absorption, can be reused

Hydro coconut substrate - 60% expanded clay and 40% coconut fiber. A well-aerated substrate with an ideal water-air ratio is perfect for growing fast-growing plants in recirculating hydroponic systems. Rapid growth and abundant flowering, pH: 5.0-6.5, electrical conductivity (EC): 0.5μS / cm; initial fertilizer NPK 14-16-18 + CaO.

Mapito - is a substrate mixture that uses mineral wool and PU (polyurethane) flakes. Contains organic elements that accelerate plant growth. It has a solid construction that has an optimal balance of water and oxygen.

Perlite - used for mixing in substrates or as a separate substrate for hydroponic cultivation.

Vermiculite - a naturally soft and porous material, has a high cation exchange - this helps the gradual release of nutrients. Suitable for seedling substrates.

Aquaclay - is produced from special types of clay that have a low dissolved salt content. It is therefore particularly suitable for use in closed hydroponic plant growing systems.

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