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LED lighting

Discover the advantages of LED lights. Lumatek, Lumi Black, Mars Hydro, Viper Spectra, Dimlux, Secret Jardin for plant growth and flowering. LED lights for plants are new light solutions, that are: energy efficiency, have longer lifespan and minimal heat emission.

They are different to traditional bulbs such as HPS, MH, and CFL. Explore how smart gardens benefit from LED grow lights, providing the optimal blue light spectrum for diverse plant types. Enhance your indoor garden with quality potting soil and efficient watering techniques for optimised plant growth.

.Why Choose LED Lamps?

  • They represent the latest generation of lighting technology for plant growth and flowering, for any type of plant. They provide the perfect amount of light.
  • LED lights, like Lumatek, consume less energy and last longer than standard bulbs such as HPS, MH, and CFL. They provide optimal lighting that plants require, for up to two years.
  • Adjustable light intensity ensures flexible lighting solutions.
  • Reduced heat emission minimises energy consumption for room air conditioning.

Optimise your indoor garden plants with Lumatek, Lumii Black, Dim Lux, Secret Jardin and more. Conveniently available at your grow shop Urban Botaniks.

Use reflectors to make the most of the light and help plants grow evenly. Whether you're growing plants in a green house or indoors, Reflecting the light with good ballasts creates perfect conditions for healthy plant growth.


Why LED lamps?
- They are the latest generation of ice light sources for growth and flowering
- They have lower energy consumption and longer life compared to ordinary light bulbs which would give you good light for maximum 2 years

HPS sodium lamps Metal-halide lamps MHCFL bulbs/lamps 
- The light intensity can be adjusted
- They emit less heat which reflects on the energy consumption for air conditioning of the room 

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